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    Question Montrealers...where is the best LFS in town?

    And will the store be open Easter Monday? I am passing through this Thursday, March 24...I just want to purchase some liverock! I can't pick it up on Thursday as we will be going north and staying there until Monday. (Can liverock sit in water that doesn't circulate or have it's temperature constant for that long?) I'm not even sure we will stop to buy anything, as our drive is 16hours and if the LFS is too difficult to locate off the highway we are travelling on my husband won't stop! So this might actually be a dead question! Oh well it doesn't hurt to know for the next time travelling through (which will be in August!)


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    You can get the local Montreal stores along with a yahoo map or mapquest from our Local Fish Store Directory... there are also reviews attached to these vendors to help you better decide what ones are worth the visit. LFS Search - Montreal Area


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    You're the best! Thanx!


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    Yeah I love that feature.

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