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    1.022 or 1.026 which hydrometer is right?

    This is a short question but a rather serious one. I just aquired another hydrometer because I had concerns that my current one (Instant Ocean Marineland Labs) hydrometer was a little on the inaccurate side with its wand waving up and down a little too much for comfort. The new one I bought just today is a Coralife 'Deep Six' hydrometer that reads 1.022 in the same water that the Instant Ocean Marinelabs read 1.026. So what is going on here? Is my hunch right - is my Instant Ocean hydrometer shot? Or have I been using whooly inaccurate instruments for such a precise hobby and would of been better off buying a Pinpoint meter and probe intead?
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    Hydrometers are notoriously innacurate.
    Pinpoint Salinity meters are expensive.

    Get a refractometer. Easy to use, accurate, and less expensive than a Pinpoint.
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    I second that!!! Dont know why I never got one before but it was astonishing the difference compared to the floating arm type.


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    Just in case you blew your last 6 dollars on the deep six, trust that - I've compared my deep six with the LFS pinpoint and it's never too far off. The main thing you have to remember to do is rinse it with RO after each use. It's not the best or most convienient, but hey - until you get what is the best, that's my tip for using it properly.
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    I would recomend reflectometer.
    Ivan sells one. It's very easy to use and very reliable.
    It's around $70 but worth every penny.

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    I compared my Instant Ocean Hydrometer with my refractometer and there was only 0.001 difference. Make sure there is not even the smallest little air bubble on the floating needle otherwise your reading will be wrong.

    I would also skip the next livestock purchase and get a refractometer from IJO. It's worth it!

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    I had a very carefully maintained deep six. I was religous about rinsing it and soaking it.

    In 4 months it was out by .002. Good thing I mix my water low lol.

    Refractometers are a must have piece of equipment. They're stupid simple to use & in hind site I can't imagine why I was ever resistant to pick one up.

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    i got a refractometer from ivan, it was a great purchase. its a good little unit and very easy to use.

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    I have seen the refractometer which is great. But I am using this high precision hydrometer which does not require calibration:

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    Those do require a constant sized beaker to be accurate though and if I recall correctly you have to do some math if the water's at the wrong temp.

    A refractometer does need to be calibrated, but it's about as easy as tuning a radio station.

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