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Thread: Plenum Question

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    Plenum Question

    Okay I'm confused.

    I thought you put egg crate on the glass, then the rock on the egg crate, and then the sand around it. The idea being diggers couldn't get under your rock & compromise it's balance.

    135lbs of rock isn't very glass friendly...

    So now I'm reading for a plenum you have pipes holding up the eggcrate, a screen, 2" of sand, another screen, and 2" of sand.


    How do you keep the digging critters out from the undersides of your rocks?


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    Hi Krugar,
    A plenum is not the answer to diggers. It's just a different method of filtration. Those two options you stated are just different approaches towards the same goal.

    If you are worried about a landslide, then your best option is to secure the rock using PVC rods, tiewraps, or even a pvc pipe skeleton.
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