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    Overflow box or NOT?

    Hello,Ive got another newguy question it concerns overflows.I noticed that here on AC alot of people use just a piece of PVC and a bulkhead leading to a tee out the back of the tank for a overflow,until I became a member here on AC I never seen such a setup and was curious to how it compares to say the standard overflow box,it is as quiet as the overflow box?I was considering dual overflow boxes in the corners of my new120g reef tank but now Im unsure which way to go.Thanks alot. :help:

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    Newfman, I have been reading around and if i had to do it all over again, I would design a long, not tall 4-5" rectangular box from one end to the other of the rear of your tank. you can see a pic here
    or just click on Anthony's calfo's gallery for another design. The advantage of this is that you get much more surface particules making your skimmer more efficient. Although, i am not fond of drilling the rear of my tank in case the fittings leak. You can always alter the design and just drill the bottom of the tank. If you have time you can also read the whole thread, very interesting.
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    I built my own overflow box using acylic. the first one dident work so well. The second one i built works great! You do need to have a small power head in your tank to draw out any air! This is a must! belive me i tried getting away with out the power head.

    My last tank was drilled and i found that it was great. lots of flow and you never had to worry about it! It was loud though. If i ever start a new tank. I will look into the drilled type overflow again. The overflow boxes are really for tanks that are currantly started. Both methods work. I would say if you can drill your tank. it is much more worry free! Prob cheaper too! good luck
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