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    Adding 3yr old LR

    I picked up 30lbs of 3yr old LR yesturday.......I have it in a rubermaid(20gal) with heater and powerhead.....After 24hrs I did an Ammonia test on it and it flew of the charts......Not sure what to do next....

    Did not want to add all 60lbs to main tank...affraid it might cycle.......thats why its in the rubermaid

    Please help Thanks Scooter

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    Where did the 60 lbs come from, I thought you said you got 30? What type of water was in the rubermaid? It it already cycled water?

    If its 3 year old rock and you just got a bit of die-off due to the transportation, then it should be fine in a day or two. From my experience I added 3 year old rock into my tank after it had been cycling for 2 weeks and after 24 hours ammonia and nitrites were at 0 and the tank was completley cycled.

    On the other hand if the rock was out of the water for a long amount of time or you added to fresh salt water(uncycled) mixture then it might take a little longer due to the lack of bacteria and die-off occuring.
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    i added 20gal from main tank into rubermaid.......sorry 60lbs total 30 in main tank 30 in rubermaid........ok so all i did was do a 25% water change......all see what tomorrow brings......just give it time then

    thanks Cmarty01

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