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    feeding softies (xenia, mushrooms)

    Just wondering if it is necessary to feed shrooms and xenia. if so what and how do you feed them?

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    They abosrb their food through disolved nutrients in the water column and for the most part, they get all they need fromt he light.

    Mushrooms do best in -

    Low current, indirect or less intense lighting, nutrient rich water.

    Xenia does best in -

    Low - Medium Current (although they will grow fine in high flow), medium lighting, nutrient rich water.

    I also noticed Xenia did well in my tank with slightly higher nitrate and phosphate levels then what you'd be aiming for in an SPS dominated tank.

    Is it pulsing yet?
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    well I have 2 types, 1 is a pulsing xenia, I bought it and it was not doing great in the guy's tank but it is starting to look better every day in mine and yes it is pulsing. The other is a pom pom and it looks absolutly amazing. It is pulsating like crazy, It was a great buy from fisherman.

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