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    I don't use an external overflow.
    But if you're in the need of one, I'd suggest the CPR overflows. They have a great reputation.

    Check 'em out here:
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    I bought the external CPR o/flow for my 66 reef, used. It so happened that it was the dual outlet model, 1200 gph I think...

    I use only one of the two outlets, the other is capped off, although I have heard of others using a slightly longer standpipe inside on the secondary outlet to cater for slow-down or blockage of the primary outlet.

    Get the biggest one you can afford, you can always re-sell it at a later date when you upgrade to a larger tank with built-in o/flows.

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    Have you ever had any flooding or syphon break with the CPR?
    I am looking at a CPR CS-102 2X1" rated at 1400 GPH. Since I will have a large head pressure the return pump will put out around 825 GPH. Should I concider a larger pump or a lesser overflow?


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