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    Talking Surprise! New fish for me!

    Well, I just went home for a supper break and found a few new additions to the tank! The BF got me 4 Green Cromis! Cute little buggers I must say! They look good in the tank cause there is nothing else green in there. Anyway is there anything special about theses guys that I should know about?

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    Nice surprise, I wish my hubby would do that for me..

    I was thinking of getting a few of them for my 90.

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    They are an awesome schooling fish. I don't have any left now, between my maroon picking on them and my blue regal. I had them for only about 6 - 8 months.

    As far as I know they are a pretty easy fish to take care of. Nothing out of the norm.
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    really easy fish, just keep them well fed and they should do well.

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    I had a pecking problem with them. I originally started out with six and 4 months later I was down to three. They would single one out and constantly chase and peck and it until it would no longer come out of the rocks. It would eventually die shortly there after.

    It wasn't because of overcrowding, my tank is six feet long and only had the chromis at the time. I've spoken with other hobbyist about my chromis problem and several had encountered the same situation. They ended up with three like me.

    It would be interesting to know how many members at AC have encountered the same problem with the chromis.


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    A lot of people say to keep them in odd numbers. I started with 4 and am down to three. One went awol the second day in the tank. Good luck

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    Ooooh you're so lucky! I'm going to buy myself some, once the tank cycles! Cool little guys that stick together like that.


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    I personally don't like chromis very much.
    I find them too greedy, easily scared, mean to each other and with not much 'character' other than the one mentioned above! I know it's probably just me, but after a whie, I find them quite annoying actually.

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    I had some in a few years back and I liked them. I started out with three and had no problem with them. I also had a royal Gramma with them and it was the tank bully.
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    I've had the same 9 chromis in my 90 for the last 3 years. They eat everything and anything {including nori, meant for the tang}. They are boisterous, they scrap amoungst themselves all day long. The biggest one is not afraid of anything including the tank bully pseudochromis. They especially love cyclop-eeze, but literally eat everthing. Mine go to bed about 1/2 hour after halides go off. They only really school for me first thing in the morning and when they are scared {noise etc.}. I bought them all at the same time and took them straight home before they set fin in the dealers tank. HTH.

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