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    lighting question

    I am just wondering how long i should have my lighting running over my tank every day. its a 33g with about 50lbs of LR and i have lots of red and blue mushrooms, some frog spawn, and a red star polyp frag. today i noticed a red algea starting to appear on most of the tank all of a sudden, but the lights have been on an awful lot recently (just got my timmer and remote yesterday from candian tire!!)

    In my heavily palnted fresh water tanks i run the lights for 6 hours on, 2 off, then another 6 on. the idea being that the algea takes longer to be able to start using the light than the palnts do, so it will help keep the algea groth to a minimum. Does this work with salt water and corals in the same fashion??

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    sounds like a new tank and cyno. most run there lights anywere between 8 and 12 hours. whatever suites you.

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    Thanks, i id a search on this site and lots of info turned up!!
    I think the culprit is that i have had my lights running for too long everyday.
    How little can i have my lights on before it starts affecting the frog spawn, mushrooms and polyps?
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