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    I see most people use PVC pipe...anything wrong with ABS or the other flex pipe options?

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    nope ABS is just fine. PVC looks alot nicer but it's also alot more expensive. I would have used ABS if I had knew.
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    I believe that ABS is mostly used for drains and PVC for pressure pipe. not sure if its well written, maybe someone can correct me...

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    You can use ether or .. or both. ABS is not pressure rated but not too many people run pressure rated pumps on plumbing lines while the valves are closed.
    My whole setup is ABS.

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    If you are pumping up 2 floors you should avoid ABS on the return side. The drain is fine.

    And for a 4-5 foot rise, the ABS can handle the pressure.

    Now, if you go ABS, ReefVan might start calling you ABS-man and mocking you for not using clean and pure PVC, but, if you can live with that ...
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    thanks all, I just wanted to make sure....
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    I'm not going to say use or not use all ABS, but I did want to mention this. The reason it seems like PVC should always be used is because in the States, everyone uses the standard ABS for drainage and the white PVC for everything else. At the Home Depot's in the States, you can find every imagineable piece of white PVC you can dream up and in "all" the sizes manufactured. Heck, you can even find Double and Triple Y's there for a few bucks in various sizes!! Since it's so cheap and readily available there, everyone uses it and this is what makes it look like it is the only thing that should be used, nothing else.

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