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    LTA suddenly not looking so good

    I have a Long Tentacle Anemone that suddenly isn't looking so good. I bought it about about 1.5 months ago and was very healthy looking, fairly large, alway nicely open and would eat krill regularly (my pink Skunks also love it ) It planted it's foot in the sand almost immediatly upon introducing it to the tank and stayed there until about 4 days ago. Since then it's been in about 3 different places in the tank. Now it doesn't seem to be interested in anchoring its foot (which used to be smooth a had a nice orange/pink colour) and has moved behind the rocks towards the back of the tank. My real concern is now, the foot/trunk is looking pretty bad. There is slime coating that is comming off and it looks like puffs of fuzzy crud either growing on it or comming out of it, I can't tell. It also seems to be loosing it's orange/pink colour and is much more pale than before Also bubbles (looks like blisters) of very think "skin" are also present on the foot. The tentacles and the rest of the anemone still looks great.

    Is my LTA dying? Is this normal? (Sure doesn't look good..

    Any advice or others similar observations are much appreciated!

    Water parameters seems to be fine and stable also...


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    "Water parameters seems to be fine and stable also... " Doesn't cut it- give us all the details.
    Have you tried looking in the tank at night? Maybe you have a bristle worm eating at the foot.

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    No thats not normal. My LTA does not move once it found a place it likes. The foot sounds like its been damaged.

    Are you feeding dried krill?

    I always feed my anemone fresh shrimp scallops etc.
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    Water Parameters as of April 10:
    Salinity = 1.025
    Ph = 8.3
    ALk = 2.5
    Nitrite = 0
    Nitrate = 0
    Ammonia = 0
    Calcium = 400
    Phos = 0

    Well, I think it's done for.. It's shrunken to about 1/4 of its size, it foot looks like it's infected (if that's possible ) and it's mouth is wide open. I think It's comming out..

    Such a shame.. It was a nice one too

    I was feeding it frozen krill about once a week.

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    Maybe your bulbs need changing? How old are they? (I know it states your experience is 6-mths, but thought I'd ask.) I've had an LTA since Jan '05 under 2x65w PC's on a 29gal. I've been feeding it some raw shrimp avery 4 days or so and seems to be doing well. I tried to feed it some cyclopeeze, by dipping the raw shrimp in there, but the LTA spit it out right away.

    It moved around a few times in the tank as well. I recently changed the supports thta hold the aqualight, so now it's slightly higher and more forward. It's been in the same spot for about a week now, right on top of a large feather duster, who I assume is now either dead, or making it's way to another spot. I have a second duster that hid for a couple of weeks and popped up somewhere else, good as new, so we'll see...

    I would just increase the feeding frequency & switch to a meatier foods. (Assuming it's still accepting food.)

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    Hey DoDo,
    Unfortunatly this one's a gonner.. I removed it a couple of days ago.. It wasn't accepting food the last couple of times I tired to feed it.. The clowns kept brining food to it and it would just fall off it's tentacles.. I'm going to lay off on the anemones for a while and let the tank settle out..


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