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Thread: star question

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    star question

    I was wondering how many sand sifting stars I can/should have in a 33g. Is 2 too many?

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    The main problem with keeping these stars, is that they consume many of the microfauna that many in this hobby consider to be essential for a healthy sandbed. For this reason, I personally would not keep one, and especially in a tank as small as yours. Trying to keep two in a bed that small would probably end up starving at least one, if not both eventually, and give you some grief in the form of grungy looking sand. If you want something to keep the bed looking clean, consider nassarius snails, and/or a tiger-tail cucumber.

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    The star wont have enough food in your tank. If you want you can try a brittle star because they will ususally take direct feeding if you tank does have enough food.
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