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    Tank cleaning procedures...?

    A few Q's for you all...

    2 weeks ago I finally had had enough of the dark green hair algea that covered the rocks I had bought locally... SO, I scrubbed whatever possible off.. still a few mossy areas, but looks alot better. My yellow tang "Paige" seems to be nipping at what's left. Is it best to get rid of it at every sight, or let it go?

    As for the back wall, is it best to scub all that brown/green algea off as soon as it appears, or just let it go... Would it dissapear after a while, or just grown out of control? Any input is great on this.

    Also, I'm noticing quite a bit of pink/purple Coraline growing on a few of the clear patches of rock
    Hopefully my dosing with Kalk will help that along..

    What is everyone's "cleaning maintenance procedures"?

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    With hair algae the best thing is to pull as much out as possible. It does seem to help it go away faster. Be sure to remove it though, don't let the pieces get away too much or it'll just spread.

    Paige may well help keep it from growing long again. A lawnmower blenny would do a better job though. If you're interested in an urchin the long spined diadema urchins do an amazing job on hair algae.

    If your tank is still new (under 8 months) then hair algae is a phase that pretty much every tank goes through. Don't worry, this too shall pass

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    Thanks Flame I have been looking for a lawnmower Blennie! Ordered one from Here (Aquaria) and somehow, he couldn't be found, then went to the LFS, and the only one left - couldn't be found again! Holy! Do these guys have a habbit of disapearing or what?

    I'll be ordering one hopefully in the next few weeks.. let's hope they can find him!

    Paige is doing very well, he is quite large 3-4", spunky attitude, very bright, beautiful healthy fins and has a nice round belly! What a pig he is.. Hopefully he will help me with this

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