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Thread: Frag tray

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    Frag tray

    I have been buying zoos from Ivan lately and recently installed a frag tray to try and propagate them. I thought I would share a couple of pics I just snapped.

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    Interesting. Do you have a full tank picture so we can see how the tray sits in the tank?

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    You're going to have some nicely colored ones when you place them permanently. Are you going to intermix the different colors? You should as you might end up with some color variants once they intermingle and multiply.

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    I will try to get a good full tank shot. But I just used 1/2 inch nipples from HD so I did not need any glue. I made some L brackets and hung it on the back of my tank. I used a couple of tie wraps to secure the bottom. Mixing them up sounds great. I would love some colour morphs.

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