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    phosphate levels


    I tested my RO water and don't get any phosphate (0). I mixed in Instant Ocean in a rubbermaid tub, let it mix for 1 day, brought the temp to 78, then did the test and got 0.25mg/L reading.

    is it possible that my tub was contaminated because I rinsed it with tap water, but it was dry for one week? Is it possible the phosphate stayed in the tub even tho it dried? Or is the Instant Ocean contaminated somehow (says on the bag phosphate free!)


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    It may say phospate free but it won't be 100%. I use to use instant ocean and I would get the exact readings you did. Not high but there is phospate in it. it never bothered me as for top up water, the concentration on the whole tank would be minimal if even detectable. Where it gets you is when you start a tank and use it for a large amount of water.

    I don't use it anymore. I am using Crystal Sea Marinemix and I get a zero reading on phospates. I also use to get a zero reading using Tropic Marin salt. Just my experience.

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    The phosphate may be from the rubbermaid tub.

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