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    no new coroliine algea

    I have had my tank going since say Nov or so.I had no lites at first ,but I have LR that does have coroline on it and seems to be doing not to bad ,my water is testing at 400 in CA, alk is about where it soppose to be, sg is 1.022 ish,and nitis good, the glass is "clean" nothing growing on it except some brown algea should i be adding something ?Additive wise or what should I be doing fish and snails are fine
    I am using red sea salt i have heard that it is not the best so I think i will go IO brand soon.I have had some lites just florecent at current to keep LR alive but I am looking at lighting right now that's a whole new post soon to come.


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    if I was you i would spend the money and go wih Metal halide. I tried to use the NO lights. I had to get 6 48" bulbs just to keep the few corals that I have alive. Now with the MH lights it's like night and day. They are awesome.

    I also heard around that you need to keep a high amount of calcium in your tank to get coral line algae to grow. I'm sure that you need light as well

    Also be careful switching brands of salt. I think some people here had some problems doing that. If you are going to, do it very slowly. bit by bit via water changes.
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    I find that I can get Coraline to grow in some of my tanks like crazy, but not in others. I really don't know why either. The only suggestion I can really make is to ensure that your Calcium and Alkalinity levels are optimal (380-400PPM Calcium, 7-11dKH Alkalinity).

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    Your readings seem ok for corraline growth. Coraline generally grows quickly in lower intensity light. Some people have mh's and no corraline others have lots. In my tank i have 440W VHO's and it's growing like kkkrazy all over the place. my tank is almost 1 year old and the rear is covered at 75%. I recently added a fuge in my sump and lit it with a 50W=150W twirl power saver light and coraline is growing all over my pump, sump rocks and a bit on the glass and it's been only 1 month. I think you should be a bit more patient, give it 1-2 more months. Also, there is no such thing as IO being better than red sea. It's just marketing, availability and preference. i would get the sg up if you plan on keeping corals. good luck
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    i see mike you learned patiance in this hobby its tough but the results are great.i just changed my sump i added a second floor or on top of the sump a 3"
    sand bed slowwwww moving water with future cheato.ill send you pics.

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    second floor?
    "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
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    Probaly more like a loft.
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