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    Soaking the base rock

    How long shoud I soak the base rock in the fresh water before I put it in the tank??

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    I am in the process of getting some base rock also ....I thought you were to just and it in your tank ..just like live rock ..good point bonaqua...does anybody know

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    I wouldn't just throw it in the tank- It hasn't been cured has it? You may have to cycle it.

    I bought some reef bones from MOPS and they stated that the rock HAD to be cycled (which it most definately did). After day 1 there was a lot of die off that had to be scrubbed a little. I then started to acclime it to salt water. A 4 water changes (10 days) and it was ready to be placed in the tank. I am glad I did it that way- I have no hidden "time bombs" on the rock.

    My advice is to cycle it - it will pay off in diviidends!
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    It is simple base rock. Nothing to cycle.
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