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Thread: BTA mulch!!!

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    BTA mulch!!!

    Well I now know what everyone is talking about when they say that BTA's get caught in the power heads. I am happy mine split lqast week because I just got home from work and one was MIA. After a few minutes I decided to check the power heads. Voila! I just spent the last 10 minutes picking pieces of BTA out of the intake. GGGGRRRRRRRR. So a word of advice, If your BTA is near the powerheads, MOVE IT! LOL

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    This happened to me and my nitrates went off the charts 100+. i suggest you to start doing large water changes to avoid problems since you have a bunch of glowing bta peices all over your tank.
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    Anemones are attracted to water movement so if you move your power head it will likely follow. Only way to be safe is to protect the power heads pickup with something large enough that the anemone can not completely cover it and be sucked in.

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