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    about coppersafe

    Unfortunately i and to treat my main tank with coppersafe......put all my LR in a 35gal tank with all my inverts

    And yes i am using a wet/dry system (for now)......

    1. Can i still use the bioballs during this treatment?

    2. How long before i can start running the skimmer again?
    i only ask cause would'nt the skimmer take out the

    Please any input would be appreciated...

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    Is there a sand bed in the main tank? if there is i would think the copper would be absorbed by the sand and a skimmer would not remove the trace amounts left over IMO

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    A bigger issue will be getting that copper completely out of the water. It's too late now but you should have moved the fish after the rock was out when they would have been easier to catch.
    As scooterc has pointed out if you have a sand bed and it remained in the tank the copper will be very difficult to administer. You will not likely achieve the required dose or will over dose trying to compensate for the sands absorption of the copper.
    SO .. if I were you I would do a water change, use activated carbon on the tank until your copper test shows NO copper in the water then remove the fish for treatment in a separate container. Put the rock back in the tank once the fish are out and the copper is at 0.
    Wish I had better news .....

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    Sorry to sort of hijack this thread but on the topic of CopperSafe...

    I'm using it in a 30G QT. There is lots of copper now starting to gather on the glass, powerhead and sponge filter...

    Will I ever be able to use this tank as a reef tank with inverts again? Or is forever doomed to be a QT?
    What about the Maxi-jet? Can that be sufficently cleaned for re-use in my reef tank? If so what can I use to clean it?


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    The tank may be able to be reused... IF you reseal it with new silicon, I think the plastic on the MJ would hold some copper so thats a no no. Use it only as QT forever IMO

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