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Thread: Ottawa water

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    Ottawa water

    Hi, Im running an RO/DI filter at home for my water, but I totally forgot to check the pH levels. I even did a water change on my nano and filled my new 60 gallon already. is pH in Ottawa water? With RO/DI filteration should I be concerned?

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    In my experience, running tapwater through an RO unit lowers ph to about 6, but if you mix salt it will raise the ph back to suitable levels. Whenever I use ro to top-off my tanks, which is about once a week, I use the two-part additive system from B-Ionic to restore alk and calcium. When I can afford it, i'll invest in a calcium reactor. I also heard that you can trickle the ro water through aragonite to raise it's ph and calcium levels, but i've never tried it.

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    My LR is cycling in my 60 gallon with that RO/DI water. Is this ok? Should I worry about pH problems effecting the cycle or LR? I hate to say it *choke* ..will it kill my LR?


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    RO/DI water usually has very low pH, becuase there is almost nothing, no buffering, in the R/O. The moment you add even abit of salt mix into it, the pH will go back to what the saltmix gives you, so there's nothing to worry about IMO.

    In fact, just for fun, you can try measure the pH of your RO and your tap water... then mix, say, a 10 to 1 volumes of RO to tap water and measure the pH of the mix. Even tho you mix in 10 times more RO water, I can almost bet that the pH of the 'mix' will be the same as ur tap water.
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    The pH has to be pretty far off to "kill" live rock. Typically, the live stuff is hard to kill. Coral on the other hand will suffer. Fish too.

    But, don't worry much about the pH of pure water. Just make sure you check after salt is added.
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