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    cycling observation

    I am presently cycling my LR and just have an observation that I am wondering about.

    When I first put th LR in my tank I noticed a tonne of little pods, worms etc swimming around in the tank but as the system cycled they disappeared. I am assuming they died off with the ammonia/nitrite spike. Is this the usual course ofe events and how do I re-stock the rock. Perhaps placing some more LR in now that the nitrite is 0 and the ammonia is less than 1.6?

    Aslo when one starts adding to start with a fish or clesning crew. I was thinking fish would be the better way to go.



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    Fish first....can you tell what fish you want to add.The rock will restock itself...try to get some substrate from an established"disease free" tank.Or like you said add some more liverock....I added some substrate from another tank and i add fish food once in a while in the tank to feed the bacteria with ammonia Plus i add Cycles live bacteria in a bottle....

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    I was thinking about first a clown fish (kids want one)

    Eventually I would like a tang (yellow), couple of clowns, pyjama cardinal fish and a cleaner wrasse.

    tank is 77 gal with 50 gal sump/refugium.
    77 Gal Mixed reef -33 gal sump -20 gal fuge
    440 watt vho lighting - 2 watt moon lights

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    I started with a small cleanup crew, after some live rock that is consisting of 5 astreas and a few blue legs (can't remember how many). Once I knew that they were all ok and keeping things relatively clean then I added a pair of TR Ocellaris Clowns. that was about a year ago and I've been slowly adding things ever since including more cleanup.
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