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    Magnifica anenome needs help

    Well i bought this anenome about 6-8 months ago, it was mostly white with some yellow on the tentacles and a pinkish base, my 2 percs went into it the first day and it fed fine. the last 2-3 weeks it hasn't fed and it's smaller, it's about the size of half a cantalope, and has more yellow than it did origionally. I've had bubble tips and carpets in the past, but this is my first magnifica and i'm worried it might be dieing slowlly. it lives on my back glass about 2-3 inches from the water surface, i've got a giesmann 250 metal halide on my tank, the water parameters are fine. Any ideas what might be wrong, i don't wanna lose it but i'd rather give it to someone who's had good experiences with magnifcas in their tank than let it die in mine, hope someone can shed some light on the matter, i know my percs would hate to lose it too.

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    couple questions? is there not any room on top of the rockwork for it? the mags, I've seen like to sit atop the rocks and open up right under the lamps. also, anenomes open/close and shrink occasionally and sometimes close right up into a ball. mine does this every month or so and comes back biggere than ever that fact that yours is ''getting'' color is not a bad thing at all. what are you feeding it?
    any other anenomes around?

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    there was pleanty of room on the rocks, i put it there and it climbed onto the glass, i pealed it off about a week later, rearranged the rocks so that it would be higher right under the light and it went back on the glass. it staying on the glass doesn't bother me anymore. i know about anenomes closing and opening, but it's just smaller than it was, for at least 2 weeks now. and the mouth always had a little bulge like lips but now it's like flat. and i wasn't suggesting that it getting color was a bad thing. mostly little pieces of small raw shrimp, tried soaking it in selcon but it didn't do anything other than leave a little layer of oil floating on the water.

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