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Thread: Loc Line

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    Loc Line

    I have 3 returns from my sump that all enter the tank through 3/4" loc line fittings. Most of the 6" of loc line is above the water line (I can't get it down easily) and I get major salt creep on each of them.

    I beleive this is the source for some/all of my microbubbles as I don't see them in the sump after the baffles.

    Any suggestions on how to seal the loc line (in a non destructive way - no weldon16 ) to prevent this?

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    I had the same problem I guess the heat from the MH and the salt is not the best for plastic,I had two solutions,
    1- submerse them
    2-Remove em

    I opted for #2 live and learn.


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    There might be one way.

    You can get a can of "liquid plastic". It's kinda like the stuff that's on the handles of pliers etc. You MAY be able to dip the loc line in that and seal it, but keep the flexibility. It wouldn't be as flexible as it is now, but it would still have some movement at least. It's just a theory, I've never tested it.

    Other than that, I agree with ReefSalt.

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    Try using some plastic foil (the one you would use to wrap your sandwiches). Wrap it few times arround loc line ( outside the water). If it comes loose, use some rubber bands (hair bands).

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    I like the plastic wrap idea, I will give it a try.

    If that doesn't work I guess they will get removed and will become returns for my closed loop at some point. Thanks
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    I wonder if "plumber's putty" is toxic in salt water.

    Anybody know?
    I have a lot of Patients

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    the msds on plumbers putty states that its a safe product but there are warnings to skin exposure and to wash up after contactwith skin i would not use it at all in a fish tank enviroment.
    there are oils in this product i think vegtable based not somthing i would have around my tank IMO :eek4:

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    oh well

    "Knowing is half the battle!" ~ G.I. JOE

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