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    Unhappy Mirco Bubbles ... Help!

    Hey all,

    I've just plummed my new sump to my system. Here's the lowdown on the tank. It's a 10G nano and the sump is also 10G. I have a MAG3 pumping water back through a SCWD alternating the current from one return to another. I plumbed the system last night and I have way too many micro bubbles. I have a bubble trap and it seems to be doing it's job because in the fuge section of the sump I can barely see any bubbles. It's hard to tell if there are bubbles in the return compartment where the pump is but from what I can see if there is it's minimal. Now at one point on the return I go from 3/4 inch (or maybe 1 inche) plumbing to 1/2 inch for my returns. So I was wondering if that might be the cause? Am I pumping too much flow through 1/2 plubming? I've figured there is at most 200 G going through per hour. Any thoughts/comments?



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    The flow rate is IMO is too high but the flow rate itself should not cause bubbles. There must be air getting into the system somewhere Steph. Ether through a connection or from a skimmers exhaust.

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    Thanks Rob ... if there's a place in my plumbing where air is comming in should I be seeing some water comming out?

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    Not really because the water going through the plumbing is creating negative pressure. Now if the hole was big then yes you would see water
    Mike Philpott

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