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Thread: reef custodians

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    reef custodians

    I need to get my reef custodians. I have 5 turbo snails in my 77 gal tank. Reading on JL auatics. They suggest like 70 hermits and 60 snails for such a tank. Is that too much bio load to add at once. It is hard for me to add a few at a time as in New Bruinswick we don't have ANY good access to a real LFS. I don't want to overwheln my newly cycled tank though. What do you think?

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    Snails and hermits don't add bio load.

    It might be too much to add all at once if there isn't enough food for them though.

    Then you might see the number of snails go down as the number of hungry hermits goes up.

    I would order maybe 1/3 of that and see where you get. Then add more as some die off and the actual bio load goes up.
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