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    Leaving the hobby

    Hopefully this will only be temporary, but I am moving a couple times in the next year and don't want the hassel of a tank. My setup is for sale under the equipment section.

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the help and advise, which made this a lot more enjoyable as I knew absolutely nothing when I started.

    Hope to be back up on the site soon.

    55 Gallon w 22 lbs of live sand and 40 lbs of crushed coral.
    60 lbs of live rock. 220 watts PC lighting.

    Damsel, clowns, xenia, digitata, green star polyps, torch, zoo's, candycane, shrooms.

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    Good luck with the moves. Hope you get back into it someday

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    Hope you are moving around for good reasons.
    We will be waiting to have you back once you settle down...
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