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Thread: Cleaning Crew

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    Question Cleaning Crew

    Hello All,

    Tell me if I am OK

    Right now I have 55 Gallon, 2X175W MH 14000K,1 VHO Super Actinic on WH7, 50Pd LR, 60Pd Crush Coral
    has for my cleaning crew I have 25 Calcinus Hermit and 5 Blue leg Hermit and 1 Astrea Snail my tank is clean but would I need more???

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    if your tank is clean, than you are ok. if they get lazy and cant keep up with their work, hire more help.
    (it may be tough to get snails because the hermits may hijack their shells)
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    Thank you

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    What is a Calcinus Hermit? I have Scarlett and Blue Leg myself, but, I have never heard of Calcinus. You may want to think aboult adding a few more snails, they will help prevent an algae bloom, however, they are useless one it gets long. I would recommend at least 10 to start.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    I would add more snails. Mix it up a little too. I have 10 troch snails. 4 astrea snails and 2 snails that I have no idea (I got them from MarineScape in Ottawa and they are the best at hair algae they have a spiny shell and they have a black body).

    I think the Calcinus Hermit is commonly referred to as a left hand hermit or something like that. It has 1 claw bigger than the other.

    Good luck

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    Calcinus Hermit

    Here is an image of the Calcinus Hermit

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