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Thread: water additive

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    Question water additive

    Hello All,

    For additive in our water do we need some and what's hot or not

    Thank you

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    If you are using RO/DI (as you should be) just add salt (Aquarium Salt that is)
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    I am not using an RO/DI system there is no chlorine in my water, I have Well at my place

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    I would recommend at least getting an RO unit. There are alot of other trace minerals esp in well water that can be harmful to your tank. ie. copper. Also there will be dissolved organic matter in the water which will promote unwanted algae growth in your tank. An RO unit will remove 99% of all contaminants from your water giving you excellent water quality to begin with. The DI process is usefull but in alot of cases unneccessary. IMO.

    If you feel your water is clean enough, you will not need to add anything other than salt to the mix, using at least some carbon filtration in your tank would be beneficial in this case.

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