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    Coral Beauty Not Eating!

    Two days ago, I bought a very nice looking coral beauty angelfish. It is about three inches long, and it looks very healthy.
    The only problem is, it won't eat anything. I've heard that coral beauties are great eaters and will eat anything you put in the tank, but she is not eating anything.
    All of my other fish are eating well, and there is plenty of food left for the coral beauty, but she just swims past it. I've also noticed that she swims quite erratically around the tank.
    I've tried feeding formula one, angel formula, brine shrimp plus, and dried seaweed. She won't touch any of it.
    Please help!

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    How many fish do you have in there?How big are they and what are they?The fish is most likely stressed out...did you acclimatize him good?Did you shut the lights off when you introduced him?What was you acclimatizing procedure?

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    You can try try soaking the food with either a crush garlic bulb or buying garlic extract or garlic gard from an aquarium place. Has done wonders for me. Also try mysys shrimp, I've had many fish like only on food and then after a while we get to the point of eating everything. As I am in the process of doing now with a Regal Angel, just keep throwing different food at it and try to find one it likes. Also if the coral beauty in a a healthy reef tank or at least lost of live rock, see if see picking off the rocks. My Flame angel started out that way and then started eating other foods, just keep an eye on her and make sure she's not getting pinched. Also you have you have to have patients, you only got her two days ago, it can take a while for a fish to settle in and then can go quite some time with out food. As well she could be eating when you leave the room. I have a blue throat trigger in qt right not that has been there almost a week and he does not come out to feed when I am there. I only really saw him last night and he's doing great and he is eating, so I gotten to the point I feed and leave or stand very far back. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.
    I acclimated the way that my local fish guy told me to. Dripped for about an hour or two and introduced the angel with low light. I have five other fish at the moment, ocelaris, blue tang, a small chromi, small damsels. I'll try to get some garlic stuff. Thanks again

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