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Thread: Emerald Crab

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    Emerald Crab

    I have an emerald crab in my 77 gal to help with the hair algae. It is amazing...eating the algae back. I am wondering if the 77 gal is too small for him once the Algae is eaten. I was reading somewhere that they need at least 100 gal but I had prev been told it would be fine in a 50 gal.

    For those who have then...what do you feed them once the hair algae is under control.



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    I don't think a 77 is to small for an emerald crab... (I plan to have 5 or 6 in my 130) they will eat pretty much anything you put in the tank. They are known to solve bubble algae issues but they will also take care of hair algae. Not one critter will take care of all your algae issues in your setup... a diversity of critters is the best solution IMO


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    I heard that emerald crabs can be real buggers, is this so?
    will they harrass any corals or anything?
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    Ivan is dead on.

    I have all kinds of clean up critters to tackle most of anything that might surface in my 110. My emerald crab does an excellent job at eating Valonia and other nuissance algaes.

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    I was wondering the same thing Redbelly. Well they harm my Cleaner Shrimp or any of my fish when they are sleeping? Or the couple of corals that I have?
    Mike Philpott

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    I have an emerald in my 20 gal and he's doing fine. He does a great job with the bubble algae. He nibbles on my spaghetti algae and once on the new growth of my feather duster tube but besides that he's been ok.

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    I'm finding the drawback with an emerald crab id that he eat my prize Zoo's. And yes he pushes large objects around at night as well. I can live with replacing the moved objects, but some of the Colours Zoo's I have are hard to come by. Had a cluster of Neon Blue Zoo's the size of a golf ball that he ate in about three days.($140.00 American). I just think he reflects from myself,,,as I too have an appetite for pricey foods as well.

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    I have one in my 10 gallon that eats bubble algae as well as alot of other things in the tank. He's been there for at least 6-8 months and is doing just fine, so dont worry about putting one into your 77 gallon. Ive never seen him harm any corals or other creatures.

    happy reefin'

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