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Thread: fish!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi guys/girls.
    this question is on regards of fish.
    What suggestions would you guys give .
    I have a 33g tank mostly ready to go.Just need the lights.
    what kind of fish would you recomend on a 33g tank
    I've been told that 4 fish would be the most and snails.
    as far as softies....what would you think.what softies would be good......and how about invertebrates?
    your help will be very well taken into account to set my tank
    with in the next 2 weeks.
    and last but not much substrate and how much live rock.
    thank you.
    ps. I will cycle tank before any fish is bought!!!!!!!

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    there is part of that question that you should ask yourself...what kind you want?write a list of all the things you want and then go by elimination.....going by;corals,tank size,fish size vs amount of fish you want.Do you want shrimp?if so then there is some fish you cant you want corals?then there is fish you cant have...etc....elaborate a bit more on what you would like to have and we can help you decide...

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    hmmm ton of questions! My advice atm would be to slow down and read as many forums as you can and try to formulate a plan.

    But I'll take a crack at some of your questions to get you started.

    Decide on your livestock first as it will dictate your tank. Do you want corals? Hard or soft? What types? With this question answered zero in on lighting. Fix a budget first and shop within it. You have a lot of research to do here.

    As far as fish go, I would read about small fish and find out which ones you find interesting. I can't really tell you what livestock to buy.

    For my 30 gallon tank I had, I had about 50# of liverock, but densities vary and so will your mileage depending ont he quality of rock you buy.

    I'm glad to hear you understand the cycle when you start a tank, but you prob. should spend a little more time reading before you do, as it can be expensive to put together a tank on the fly. Trust me.

    My 30 gallon had 220w of actinic lighting, an aqua remora skimmer, a ton of flow, 3" of crushed coral substrate, several LPS, various softies, a clarkii clown and a lawn mower blenny.

    I hope that helps
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    i have a 33 gallon tank too.

    at the moment i have:
    1 emerald crab
    1 peppermint shrimp
    2 bta- had one but it just split
    2 clowns
    2 yellow tail damsels
    1 cleaner wrasse
    8 scarlet leg hermit crabs- highly recomend them
    9 blue leg hermit crabs

    For corals i have:
    Green button polyps
    Green tree(kenya tree coral)
    green finger
    red and green pimple mushrooms
    purple mushrooms
    brown mushrooms
    2 species of toadstool

    It all depens on the watts you have to. I only have 80 but plan to get more. I started off with 40 pounds of lr but now because of the rocks the corals came on have about 55.

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    thanks there c.dub.
    I guess I did not explain the questions well enough.
    I have a 33g presently with skimmer and bit of live rock.
    NO lights........and lost of micro algae on the rock..
    I just wanted a plain anwser just like the one you gave me
    C DUB
    I will take into account your response....and as far as the other
    response I will consider it as well.
    thank you.

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    i had a 40

    can't ever go wrong with the clowns
    add a nice anemone, be careful that it doesn't die, especially if it is rather large
    a bicolor angel
    also had a damsel in there
    some nice rock, with shrimp and such
    some simple corals, mushrooms,
    an urchen and a starfish
    all are happy now in my 65
    but they lived there for a few years
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    o ya yellowtang i forgot to tell you. I find xenia to be a hit or miss. It can be doing great one day and almost die the next.

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    I like the Fridmani. Cool little fish.
    20 g reef, 72 g reef

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