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    I just need a quick response from someone who has
    purchased item of this club.
    I sent a pm to Ijo.but got no response."tied up I guess!!!
    the question is. Is there tax in the items for sale here,
    wheather live or dry goods.
    Iam thinking of start buying items here,as I see he has
    the best prices I have seen so far.
    thank you.

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    Ivan could be busy but i'll get back to you don't worry.

    You have to had tax to all those prices.
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    GST for sure, PST / QST / HST / LMNOP - ST depends on where and how Ivan's business is registered. Since I'm almost across the street from him, I never asked

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    he'll respond. as far as I can remember I think its GST only?

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    When you visit, you will likely pay GST and QST (Quebec tax).

    If he ships outside Quebec, it will likely be only the GST. Technically, it is your responsibility to pay the PST to the Ontario Government. I don't imagine they collect much that way.
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    I cant answer for the taxes "but for price yes they are good"

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    i can answer for the are in ottawa so you will pay only 7%....Ivan is a very busy guy and working alone with alot of orders.....if you really want something now just call him...613-862-7258...very good customer service...

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    As far as I know, you have to pay both taxes if you're in Ottawa, or if shipped to Ottawa. The rest of Ontario, you don't pay PST. But,..I might be wrong. LOL.

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    I go through this a lot, so I'll break it down quickly.

    To collect tax, you must have a tax number. The buyer may request this at any time.

    GST is federal, so no matter where in Canada an item is going you get to pay GST.

    PST / QST ect are provincial.

    If you have a QST number, you must pay QST, but only if the sale is in Quebec. If it's being shipped to Ottawa then it's out of provience & there's no QST charged.

    If Aquaria also has an Ontario sales licence (only required if he also has an Ontario store) then sales going to Ontario have to pay PST, regardless of where the item is shipped from. (The ontario or the quebec store.)

    If you're from outside Quebec, and you buy something from Ivan & pick it up from his Quebec location the sale "stays" in Quebec you get to pay QST. You may fill out the paperwork & try to get the QST back from Quebec as a non-resident.

    Alas I don't know how & where Ivan registerd his business as it's really non of mine.

    I'm a Quebec resident, he's located in Quebec so I expect to pay GST & QST and I do & leave it at that.

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