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Thread: Bryopsis algae

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    Bryopsis algae

    Most of my algae problems are gone with the clraning crew/ the emerald crab and the lawnmower blennie. However, I have about 20 patches of bryopsis that nothing seems interested in. The lawnmower occasionally bites but immediately spitts it out and goes somewhere else. I would love to get rid of this... any suggestions or will it dissappear with more time. (tank is 2 mos old--post cycling)



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    if it is true bryopsis, you might want to try an urchin, For me it worked great, I just got the cheap ones, not sure the exact name,( tuxedo) but I've also heard that the black longspine urchin eats bryopsis.

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    I didn't want the urchin to clean off all the coraline but that may be the way I have to go....
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