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Thread: First Flood

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    First Flood

    Yeah okay so it happened. Fortunately I hadn't mudded the drywall under the tank ... ( 1 board will likely need replacing)

    Looks like my toddler played with the top off system & power. I'm personally just happy he didn't get hurt..

    Anyway, I designed the system so the display can't flood the sump & the sump can't flood the display.

    I aslo designed it so that the sump can take the contents of the top off reservoir and the pressurized RO/DI tank without flooding.

    I didn't think that both would happen. It looks like my 3 year old took the float switch out of the sump and then turned off the return pump.

    My daughter was up playing on one of the computers in the basement so she let us know the walls were leaking pretty fast & I only lost a couple gallons.

    So I'm now in progress of (slowly) raising my salt back to 1.026 from 1.022, and figuring out how to child proof the entire system.

    The top off has been disconnected from the RO/DI unit until I have time to wire in a 2 more float switches. The new system will have 2 level switches (normally open) and 1 max level switch (normally close) in series. So if my son grabs one of them again it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

    The only thing I can't figure out, my skimmer was pretty tuned previously, now even wide open there's more water in it than I'd like. I'm going to have to take it out to see if he stuffed anything in it's outlet...

    Thankfully the tank is only cycling and my son didn't electrocute himself. (Every outlet in the room is GFI protected).

    Ugh, what a mess.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Well, dude, you gotta decide now, it's either the tank or the child. One's gotta go.

    Okay, okay, don't think about that. Your wife would kill you if you got rid of the >tank< now. ;-)

    What about one of those invisible fences and matching collars? You know, like they use for dogs?

    Please send complaints to:
    that's 1-800-DEV-NULL
    (there may be some delay in the response)

    Seriously though, I don't think you want the bottom of your stand to be open (or easy to open) with a toddler about. Too many toys would be float tested in the sump. Electrical toys don't much care for salt water, and, reefs don't care much for shorted out batteries. ;-)
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    The stand isn't really open. The back is, but he needs to do a contortion act to get in there. It seem's he's a bit of a contortionist.

    I've got to come up with something to block the space between the tank & the wall. I'm thinking I'll pick up some pine, stain it the same oak colour & screw it in to act like a fence.

    I've also got to find some a set of cubbard door locks that will work with the stand.

    I should have known better, my son tends to get into everything just to see how it tatse and / or how to take it apart. If he keeps going this way, I think he's going to be in mech eng and / or extreme sports. He currently likes to jump off things just to see if he can do it.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    You think TODDLERS are bad?! Try having a reef tank at work! Co-workers beat toddlers for fiddling with a reef, hands down! ;-)


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    I have a reef tank at far as I know, no one touches it.
    A couple of years ago though when my tank was freshwater, someone put a few goldfish in my tank as they didn't want them any more (and like I would....).
    I took them out and threw them in the pond outside the building where they were quickly eaten by seagulls.
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    I don't know how you guys do it, if I had a reef tank at work I wouldn't get any work done lol.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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