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    Standard vs. Non-Standard Tank Sizing

    Hi guys!

    Well it has been a while. Anyway, now that I'm all graduated and settled into work, and have both time AND money again, I'm starting up the tank I was planning a couple of months ago.

    I'm working with Will to design a custom tank with Starphire glass and Eurobracing and everything!

    Sizing: I have room for a 72"x24"x24" but for aquascaping reasons, I wanted to do something more of a 60"x30"x24" which would fit just as well in the area it would be situated.

    Pros of that size are slightly greater volume, and greater aquascaping possibilities due to the larger footprint. But my concern lies mainly with finding standard equipment to fit the non-standard tank size.

    For instance, if I would like to put VHO actinic tubes over the tank, then that would be easy with the standard 72" long tank... But what the heck would I do with the 60" tank?! As far as stand and canopy go, I'm not worried as they will be custom whether they are 72" or 60". But the lighting fixture set up concerns me a bit.

    Also, one other concern is either over- or under-lighting the tank. With the 72" long tank, it is easy: 3 MH's. But with the 60" and 3 MH's would I be over-lighting the length of the tank, while not acceptably lighting the depth of the tank from front to back??

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    An MH light gives you 2' x 2', so you're good front to back, but you'd still need 3 to cover the length, with a 1 foot over lap on each bulb.

    I don't think the overlap is a problem, there's more than a few people running 3 MH lights on a 90G (4' long) You might have to aclimate coral to the light if you have a better set up the where they came from.

    If you have coral that want high intensity lighting, there's nothing we can put on the tank that will beat the sun they evolved under. It's the changes they need to get used to. We sunburn too if exposed to too much too fast for too long.

    If they're lower light species then you need to aquascape for some shade for them. Which you'll have to do regardless.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    i have a 60"longx30"deepx24"wide tank (187gal) and i love it.
    if the stand and canopy are built with it, the only other thing that matters based on the size is the lighting. there are 60" fixutues, or you can use pendants, or you can get a custom built one, or you can improvise (i would go with at least 3 bulbs).
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    The only issue a non standard tank size creates is that a standard stand and canopy will not fit. These two issues are however easily overcome. Exanple... for the canopy (if you are not building one yourself) a 72 inch canopy will not fit over a 60 inch tank BUT a 36 inch combined with a 24 inch will fit nicely. The stand is a slightly different story and again .. if your not building it yourself ... there are many shops that make un-finished furniture to your specs at very reasonable prices. If you want store bought looks use the 3 + 2 foot canopies over your tank sitting on a custom stand.

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