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Thread: kamikaze crab

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    kamikaze crab

    I brought some hermit crabs home from the store the other day. After acclimatizing them to the tank i just sort of dropped them into the tank. AS they were falling I saw one crab that has apparently ditched his shell. Here I am thinking this stupid crab is going to kill himself.

    Well it turns out all the shells I dropped into the tank had a crab in them. So one of them must have molted while it was in the bag. I had never really seen a crab molt before so this was pretty cool. Maybe the stress of the bag led him to it.

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    I think it was just that time of month. :

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    I was looking at my tank the other day and also though that I had a dead blue legged hermit crab but later counted them all. It looks exacly like a dead crab but it's not

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