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    setting up a quarantine tank

    now that i have only healthy fish in my display i'm thinking of using a qt tank for new fish but how should i get one up? do i just take some water from the main tank and put in a heater and powerhead? does the qt need to run all time or just when i get a new fish? what about live rocks do i need to use that too? how long do i need to qt for what should i be doing when i qt?
    i used to just acclaime my freshwater fish and then into my tank they go but my fw tank wasn;t the healthiest so i want to try to be a lot more careful with this one since all my fish look pretty good right now i want to keep it that way

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    A QT tank should (ie. must) be used for introducing any new fish into your tank. For me, the chances of introducing a new fish that may have a could infect all your fish. Not what you want.
    To start a QT tank, use some of the water for your main tank. I would advise from using any sand or live rock. Assuming you QT a fish that doesn't make it, simply changing the water may not get rid of the 'bad things' as it might survice in the LR or sand.

    For a QT tank, here is what I have done.
    I have a 23g tank that is drilled. I have a mag5 in the sump that pumps into the QT and then it overflows back into the sump. So, it's ways part of the system. When I need it as a QT tank, I close off a valve which then isolates the QT tank from everything else. Once a new fish has been into the tank for atleast 2-3 weeks and shows no signs of 'bad things', then a open the valve slowly, thus aclimating the fish to the main tank. Once it's aclimated, I move it to the main tank. (I do turn off the mag5 when I close the valve and plug it back in when opening the valve).

    Sorry to run on. This is what I do....I'm sure others will have other methods.

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