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    Brand new saltwater guy here

    Just started my tank about 3 weeks ago. Been looking for info and found this site to seem to have the most activity and knowledgable users. Unlike my local fish stores! I ordered most of my stuff from except live rock and fish i purchased localy. I have a skimmer but at the moment it is in the lazy process of being cleaned.

    The algae has been around for about 2 weeks.

    The clownfish i have had for about a week and a half seems to be fine. I have about 8 damsels as shown in picture. I have about 30 different kinds of snails and scarlet hermits. I also have a lionfish but he is camera shy, plus a brittle star and a weird looking anemone for the clownfish to keep him company.

    The tank temp fluctuates between 78.5 -80.5 mainly stays around 79.

    the salt 1.022

    ammonia is 0.0 (have tested about 5 times)
    Nitrate is barely showing anything basically 0 to.

    So anyone give me advice on what to do, anything works. The 3 local fish stores here are NO HELP at all =/

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    Oh yeah the lights i have are

    Dimensions: 36" L x 7.25" W x 2.5" H
    Wattage: 2 x 96W
    No./Color Temp: 1-Dual Daylight/1-Dual Actinic
    No. of Lunar Lights: 1
    Fan: Yes
    No. of Switches: 2
    Configuration: D

    The tank is a 125gallon tank to by the way.

    I do have a 15W UV Sterilizer Max Flow: 1800 gph down underneath tank i dont have it up right now probly will work on it tonight.

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    what did you need advice on? The algae is normal in a new tank and will eventually (6mnths) dissapear.
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    Nice start

    The lion fish will eat anyting that fits in its mouth, so be preapaired for the damsels & clowns to go "missing" or find a new home for them or the lion.

    I noticed your swing arm hydrometer is in the tank, they're inaccurate enough, if you get algea or spounges or what have you growing inside it, you'll have issues with it. I'd suggest a refractometer if you can get one.

    What are your plans for the tank?

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    I need advice on anything that looks wrong. The tank on the bottom was all rigged up by me heck not even sure if its done to do a good enough job. Basically going at this blindly but am reading articles figured if i posted pics someone would be able to find soemthing wrong for me.

    Thanks Krugar

    Ill look into the refractometer. Plans for the tank are fish and coral. I know i can not do a full coral tank nor do i want to even thoi they look awesome. I would like about 30 exotic fgish in there when its all done. With about 10 corals.

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    If the tank is only 3 weeks old are you sure you have finished the cycle? If not you may loose your lion and clown. Also I would look into adding more rock to the system, this supports are large portion of the bacteria that is the filtration system.

    And you are doing the right thing by coming to these sites. I learned more in the last year then in 6 before without being here.

    The biggest thing I see wrong though is if you need to heat the water buy a heater, don't try to run the protein skimmer as a tea kettle. :biggrinbo
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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    My big concern (which, admittedly is down the road) is that you want 30 fish in a 125. That's a lot of fish! Marine fish need a lot of room to swim around, cramped spaces will add to aggression issues, and your filtration will most probably not be able to handle the load.
    Is that a maroon clown? If so, there will (probably) be massive fighting between it and the damsels (which, btw, are notorius for being bullies - many have been referred to as devils).
    I agree that coming here is a great move to make. I think most of us have learned more here than we could have in books.
    Where are you located?

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    Welcome to the board.
    the algae is a normal part of new tank, you may have a few different types of algae blooms in the next few months.
    I will have to agree with shipwreck, you will need a lot more live rock.

    180 gal. Reeftank 2hole drilled
    70gal long sump with fuge,
    EuroReef ES8-3 skimmer,
    Reeftek reactor, sms122 ph/CO2 controller,
    Mag 18 return closed loop return.
    Mag 24 return
    Icecap dual175 20k MH, 250 20k MH center, 2 actinic, 2 -actinic white VHOs
    1 Pajama cardinal, Lawnmower blenny, Sohal tang , Regal tang, 10 Clams, Scooter blennie, Yellow wrasse, DESJARDIN TANG (SAIL FIN),2 percs

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    I live in florida. Yeah i know the cycle is far from done but after spending 2 grand to set up a tank i at least wanted some cool looking fish lol. I have a heater to but its chilling in my freshwater tank. Living in florida dont really worry to much about heater if it gets to cold i just dont turn on the air for the day it warms it right up

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    the only problem is that if the tank hasn't cycled properly you may lose your fish,
    now that there are fish in there it will start to get the cycle going

    a good way is to start off with mollies, get things going, (cux they are cheap) then when the cycle is for sure done add some damsels (because they are cheap)

    i also noticed you have a big loop of piping from your fluvail 404,(Great Filter BTW). The loop is comming on the right side which means that it is your outport. To reduce strain on the filter you should cut the length of the tube so it doesn't go down and then back up again.
    another option is that you can you can also move your outgoing (inside the aquarium) further away, and prevent it from dropping down. its in the corner it could easily go further to the right, it won't be hidden but when you get more Live rock, it won't be as visible
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