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Thread: help w/ setup

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    help w/ setup

    i am going to be starting up my first saltwater tank and was just wondering if this set up will work.

    75-90 gallon tank

    i have 65 watt pc lighting with 2 atinics and 2 others which i need to replace should i get 10000k for these daytime lights.

    i will be buying a skimmer, and heaters to place in my sump

    and will be buying 2 powerheads? what size or type do u recomend?

    is there anything else i will need in the way of filtration or water circulaton?

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    welcome scuglass. I started 2 years ago and have learned a lot from my own mistakes and this site. Re your lighting it sounds very similar to waht I have. I would get the 10000k for you daytime lights. You may need more powerful lighting if you go with the 90 gallon - especially if you want lots of corals. I only have a 55 gallon and have been sucessful keeping many softies with that lighting. Make sure you buy a good skimmer - IMO most important investment. As for powerheads, I have three, so you may want to consider 1 or 2 more for your bigger tank. I really like the maxi-jets. I would get the highest rated ones for flow which i think are the 1200's. Hope some of this was helpful.

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    Setup depends on what you would like to do scuglass. If you want to keep fish & some soft coral your lighting should be okay.

    The powerheads also fall into the same catagory. How many & how big depends on what you want to have.

    I'll second Hendu's suggestion of a protein skimmer, but you won't need one right off the bat. The earlier the better, but you won't need one until you start stocking the tank.

    The rest is up to you. You can spend as much money in this addiction as you'd like to

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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