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    Who should i call to get my house inspected!?

    Hi, im upgrading my tank and before i do so, i would like to hire a person to come in to see if i can put a certain weight on the second floor of my house.

    He must be licend though.
    Also, do you guys think by placing a 4000p tank upstairs on a 20year old bungalo house with a metal beam running across the house where the tank will placed be safe?

    Here's a picture of the beam/wood
    The fish tank would technicly be sitting above it.

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    I read on RC that residential structures are engineered for between 20 pounds to 50 pounds dead weight per square foot.

    That being said, call a proffesional I don't have any recommendations sorry, just wanted to spout off the 20-50 ppsf factoid.
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    I agree, call a pro. The flooring, post and beam look very secure, but what the "pro" will want to see is if the post is sitting on a proper footing or not and what the span between the post supporting the beam is.

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    what size is the tank? If the post is sitting on a separate foundation you will be fine. You could chip away the floor and find out yourself and you could also add more posts directly under the tank to the basement floor.
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    I don't think you'll have any issues with a 180g tank there but you can easily add another jack post to beef it up a bit. if you have the coin then call a general contractor or structural engineer.

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    i would just get a floor jack or two to put right where the tank will be

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    Hey. That looks a lot like my basement. You sure you took the picture in the right house?
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    House inspector and general contractors will not be able to give a "binding" opinion about this situation. You would need an report and recommendations from a structural engineer to be "absolutely" positive that there will be no movement in the floor as a result of the added load of the tanks weight. This exercise will coat you about 1000 dollars to have done.
    He will check the beams height and width, Thickness of the steel the beam is made of, capacity of the post/ posts, span involved, Weight of the total new load etc and come to a conclusion based on this information.
    Myself I would not spend 1000 dollars to have someone tell me to add a second 38 dollar post beside the existing one on the existing pad.... Rob

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    I might as well add 3 more pole there just to be on the safe side.
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    If you are unsure check your insurance policies coverage on floods.
    The only thing I remember from my statics class (study of loads) states that according to Murphy the floor will hold until you finish the basment and sit down to have the first beer then voila, skylight and beach front couch :biggrinbo :biggrinbo
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