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    Strawberry Conch

    I'm looking for something to stir up the sand in my refugium. The refugium is a section that is about half the size of a standard 10 Gallon tank. The sand bed is about 3-4 inches deep. I've got a huge ball of cheato and about 4 pounds of live rock in the fuge also. Would can see a picture of the sump on my tank post here
    Would a starberry conch be a good choice to stir up the sand or should I be looking into something else. I'd like to stay away from snails as they "like to roam" and will make their way into other compartments of the sump.

    Any info/advice appreciated.



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    I'm not sure that a sandbed of that size will provide enough food to feed a conch, even a small one.
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    That's what I was thinking also. Maybe I'll just put some cerith snails down there and try to block the sides that lead to the sump area. Thanks for the advice.

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