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    does this setup look like it will be sufficient i have a few questions

    1.i am thinking of using a mag 12 as a return pump will this be appropriate circulation wise. how think pipe will i need to use to get max flow with minimal air bubles

    2.will the over flows i have planed work will there be a siphon created?

    3. if not where in calgary can i get a tank drilled, where can i locate bulk heads, and what thickness shouuld the holes and bulk heads be

    4. if i have a filter will i need the bio balls or if i use the bio balls will i need a filter?

    5. what would be the best choices for me to put in the fuge

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    That looks really well thought out

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    I know that a Mag 12 will be too much flow.I had a mag9.5 and it blew alot of bubbles in the tank from the sump. There was way too much circulation. The bubbles never had time to disipate in the sump. I'd say go with a smaller return pump like a mag 7 and drill use a close loop. I'm regreting it now. Not drilling a close loop in mine. Now I'm back to the problem that I had before....UGLY Powerheads!!! Dam things.
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    so do a closed loop and no sump?

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    The suggestion is a sump with a smaller pump (Mag 7-9.5) PLUS a closed loop to increase the flow.

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    I'm using a Mag 12 return from my 20L to a 90G without a bubble problem.

    I hindsite, had I more cash flow at the time I would have drilled a whack more holes and added a closed loop for the flow and used a smaller pump for the return.

    Alas I didn't so I've got a Mag12 return to an OM Squirt. So far it's working well for me.

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    I'm also using a MAG 12 to return from my 30 G sump to my 120. I do not have any bubble problems.

    I also have a closed loop with an additional 1200 GPH.

    I am also considering adding a second closed loop with a mag9 i have sitting around for additional flow.
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