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    Still fighting the little diseases :(

    It's been awhile since I've posted here at AC, but only becuase things were going somewhat well, but I am finally at the point of admitting .. they are not.

    I've had a few problems for a long time that I would like to get rid of, and they may all be able to be knocked off at once.

    1) A green mass of bubbles, ever growing on a piece of my live rock. It grows bigger by the day, but it seems harmless. The crabs crawl on it fine. It is composed of about 100000 tiny green bubbles and looks hard, something that I may want to cut away

    2) My aiptasia. I have been dosing joe's juice on and off for months. EVERY time I think it is gone, it shows up. I want to give up. I think its gone I look all over, and sure enough, its not.

    Should I take my 30lbs of live rock completely out and stick it in the sump? 30lbs is NOT much and I think that it may be treatable if I can isolate it. However, my fish in there now (clown and starfishes and crabs) would have a hay day. But the algae is getting thick/green on the walls, and the aiptasia is loving it and so is this green monster.

    What can I do to start solving all my problems? I can take the time, but I need to start somewhere but getting rid of a few BIG problems.


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    As another note .. my 50Gallon sump is open to the air there's no MH lights or anything over it. .. I just plan on using it as a temporary quarantine for the live rock to help find all the crevices with Aiptasia..

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    Do you have any pics? The green bubbles sound like bubble agea, but a pic would be helpful. A emerald crab or two is the only thing I know if that will eat bubble aglea if that's what you have. (They are hard and can get patches of dozens in one place). If that's it, you can remove them manualy if you're careful not to pop them. If they break they dump spores all over the tank, making your problem worse.

    What's your set up like jklink? There might be some clues there for the algea problem, how many / what to do have for a clean up crew? How often / what are you feeding? What kind of water do you use?

    The aiptasia is just a PITA. storing the live rock in the sump shouldn't be a problem, but they're going to close up while you move rock around to look for them.

    Try treating everything visible first, move / turn some rocks & wait 30 minutes or so for them to open up again, treat everything visible, move treated rocks to your sump, rinse & repeat until you get everything you can see.

    Then put them back in, but be prepaired to do it again in a week or two. The first pass isn't likely to get everything.

    Do you have anything for natural control? peppermints , CB, nudibranch are all possibilites in increasing difficulty to look after / effectiveness.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I don't have any pics right now but I'll make a point of posting some.

    I've dealt with bubble algae before and I honestly dont think thats it. The bubble algae is big and when they harden I remove them and I haven't seen any in a few months.

    The green algae (to descripe) is almost the size of a closed fist. It started small and is attached only to one section of my live rock. ITs is composed of millions of tiny EXTREMELY dark green bubbles and almost looks porous due to the nature of how they cling to each other. Its hard to the touch and looks like I could take it out (with the rock) and cut it off and rinse it off.

    The Aiptasia, ugh, if it was only that easy. EVERYTIME I think its gone I see one or two .. So I immediately zap them and don't see ANY for a week .. then (as I often do) I disappear to a conference and my roommate looks after my tank and PHWOOP its ALL back. Its becoming costly and I cant seem to get rid of them. I hate picking up all the liverock and disturbing the tank so often. This is why Im thinking of moving it to the sump for 2-3 weeks until its gone.

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    As for a cleaner crew, I've had some bad luck lately.

    Peppermint shrimp, lived for almost a year, and one day I saw the crabs eating away at him. He just died for no apparant reason. The fish loved him and he was generally jolly, but he died

    I lost about 7 fish last week when I went to work and found that my tank had gone to over 100 degrees (due to the skylights in my appt). I had forgotten to float ice bottles in the sump to keep it cool and well, this is what happens. My appt is brutal for heat and I've never found an effective method of regulating heat in the summer.

    So I'm left with a clown, some hermit crabs, very few snails and 2 starfish (brittle & sand). Now I have these 2 diseases hanging around and the walls are going brown with algae. This is why I want to give up on the darn hobby but Id really rather fight it piece by piece and bring it all back.

    These are the frustrating days in the hobby. Atleast I've returned to regular water changes which I neglected for 2-3 weeks at a time .. argh

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    You could always put a osilating fan pointed at your tank. That will help a little.

    Keep your lights off on the REALY hot days. A few days here and there shouldnt matter, just turn them on at night when its cooler.

    As far as putting ice cold water bottles in your sump, sounds like a good idea. Lots of work though.

    A few weeks of no water changes isnt THAT bad. Some people dont even do regular water changes and have nice reefs.

    You cant count on anybody other that your self to maintain a reef tank. If you do expect the worst.

    You need to let the aptaisia grow out a little. I find them easier to kill when they are bigger. And get rid of that joes juice stuff, seems all people who use that stuff keep getting aptaisia back. MIX KALKWASSER POWDER WITH RODI WATER(THICK MIX) IN A SERRINGE AND SHOOT THEM IN THE MOUTH WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECT IT. That should work. The reason your getting so much aptasia is because your not effective at killing them. If you move a rock to kill one of these youv basicaly wasted your time as moving the rock will make the aptasia retract... Go in slowly with out disturbing anything in the water, your luck will be better. Aptaisia is not the end of the world, maybe you need to stop concentrating on it. I have noticed a few heads in my tank and havent done anything about it. Im going to wait till they get fat and plump and when they least expect it, I will kill them. JUst keep an eye on your corals and make sure they dont get bothered by them.

    As for your algea problem, do you skim?

    Sounds to me like the distractions of living in montreal in the summer are getting to your reef

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    jklink did the apista's get out of control after your peppermint died?

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    Update 1) Busy busy busy, I still want to post pics of those ugly green things (the mass), so stay tuned.

    Update 2) Nope, the peppermint shrimp didn't do a heck of alot for the aiptasia. The raccoon butterfly did a wonderful job though. It was slow but he had alot of area to cover the last time. Unfortunately he met the fate of a few of my fish in the past.. the dreaded bruising. I still can't find what in my tank is kicking the junk out of fish.

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