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    coral banded shrimp

    I would love to put a coral banded shrimp in my tank. I love their looks but I hear and read that they can attcak small fish. Anyone with experience in this? or are they generally well behaved?


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    I used to have one and I had several small fish (damselsl, clowns) that seemed healthy and active one day and in the morning he had them.

    Don't know if he actually hunted them or he sensed the opportunity of a sick fish
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    I had one in my tank for a long time in the past, I did not have any issues with it. But I hear as they get larger they are efficient at catching small fish?

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    i really want to get one too but i don't trust it with my small clown and cleaner shrimps

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    PU in Saint John had a few CB Shrimp, and Village Pets (also in SJ) had one for 24.95 last week. They are a cool looking 'beast' but I would have a hard time trusting those claws

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    well, some from Ivan, JL and I even had a purchase from PU once!!

    I don't th;ink I am going to risk it. I like the small fish I have too much. They are cool though...
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    I use to have one in a tank, it was with clows and damsels, and other shrimp (camels, and cleaners)
    he was much bigger then them both.
    he did well,
    A tragic end though, a urchen puched over some liverock and well he was under it at the time...
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