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    Show your nano cubes here

    Show your nano cubes here new or old.

    Thank you
    JBJ Nano Cube 12

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    Well, I wont be posting pictures, but I will give you a description.

    Soon after getting my cube, I decided I wanted a skimmer and better lighting.

    The only reasonable way to have a skimmer was to setup a sump... So I go cube drilled and got a sump of about 15 Gallons. I installed the overflow in the second compartement behind the partition.

    Then I upgraded the lighting to two 32W PC.

    I also replaced the circulation pump to a minijet 600

    I installed a WON cu-125 skimmer in the sump.

    At one poin, I was using my cube to QT a 6 line wrasse before I moved it to my main reef. When it was time to move him, I got really frustrated trying to catch him as he had jumped behind the partition. This had happed to me sevral times before with other fish. So I pulled on the partition and was surprised how easy it was to take off...

    Ever since I've been running it without the partition. All that I could see was the overflow and the minijet was relocated under some rock so it's pretty hard to see.

    Now that the partition is gone I got the back of the tank drilled in both upper conners. I installed some black bulkhead with short lenght of lock-line and a SCWD. You can hardly see the new bulkhead and lock-line that will probably change when they get covered by corraline and such. This was done yesterday so we'll see how it goes. I figure that if the SCWD ever give me problems, I'll just replace it with a T.

    Now, I'm looking for a bigger return pump to improve the circulation of the tank and get rid of the minijet that is still in the tank. I'm currently about a Mag5...

    As for live stock, the tank currently houses a small valentini puffer, a chrismas tree, a bubble coral, 2 differents types of Zoo, some yellow polyp, a relatively large rock of GSP and I started to get some white star polyp to grow attached to the bottom glass since I removed the aragonite that was there. Next I will try to get GSP to grow on the overflow pipe as it white and a bit more apparent then I would like.

    It's in need of a bit of cleaing and aquascaping right now... I guess I could show you some pic afterward.


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