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    Mushrooms and Polyps

    Yesterday, I bought two small coral specimens from my local marine store.
    I bought a small chunk of rock with mushroom coral on it (blue/purple/brown) and a rock with some fluorescent green star polyps on it.
    I've heard that these corals are fairly easy to take care of if provided with everything they need.
    I was also told that the small mushrooms should be positioned about half way from top to bottom of my tank. I'm running about 5 watts per gallon (cf.) Is this about right?
    I'm not sure where to position the star polyps. Do they like lots of light?
    Any other tips would be appreciated.

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    Mushroom Polyps are low light low flow anenomes.

    I think the GSP will thrive in just about anything FWIW.

    Good luck!
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    the gsp prefer low - medium lighting so same sort of placement as mushrooms.
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    I've got some GSP 4-5 inch from the suface with 250W 10K MH and they seem to enjoy it, so I would say that you can put your new corals anywhere you want. Preferably the on top half, but if they fit nicely somewhere else, it should be just fine.


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    mine bleached and ended up as white star polyps
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