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    storing live rock


    im not so much a newbie but couldnt think of where else to post this.

    wondering if anyone has experience storing live rock until a tank is ready to go. i will not be setting up my new tank until the middle of september but there is an awesome deal on LR at the moment from a fellow reefer.

    is there any possible way to store this and keep it alive?

    thanks, matt

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    Head to Walmart and pick up some rubbermaid tubs (el cheapo!). A powerhead for circulation and a shop light and you are good to go. Won't break the bank either

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    and a heater!

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    that is what I did also myself a rubbermaid can ...put the rock inside added a couple of pieces from my tank ...and has been in there well over a month ..all kinds a little bugs cralwing around ... also added a couple of power heads and a light ...but there is no need for a heater in montreal this summer ..always around 30 C this summer ...this is great weather

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