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    water cloudiness

    Hello you all.
    I just set up one of my 33g tank with live sand.
    being a new a this game. I was wondering how long would it take to have the tank clean and clear......I got 2 power heads
    each on apposite corners and I also got my skimmer going....
    the water looks very muddy almost chocolate color....any ideas how long before it clears........Not planing to put anything in there for a while.......but live rock in the next few days.
    any ideas and coments.???????//

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    If you want to remove the suspended particles you will need to mechanically filter the water for a few days. I love using the aqua-Clear "Quick Filters" for this sort of job. they fit right onto the bottom of most power-heads. Use the water polishing inserts and in a few days the water will be nice.

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    you could just leave it for a while it will clear on its own, all new setups start that way.
    We need more Indians!

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    i say leave it alone, u don;t want to take the small particles out. it should clear in a few days. and wait for it to clear before u add live rocks cause it will cover your rocks

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    thank guys...I will do that!!!!!!
    I'll start keeping track of all event from now on........
    also will try to post pictures........
    once again thanks.

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