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    Here's a decient read:

    A rapid change in salinity will cause osmotic shock & kill an anemone. I'm having a brain fart & can't remember the correct term for "pH poisoning" but too rapid a change there & their equally toast.

    These guys are solidly in the delicate inverts catagory. If you want a smooth transistion measure the salinity of both the tank & the bag & drip acclimate until they match. I've even heard of people checking pH as well with a hand-held probe.

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    What do you mean eject water from the inside?
    You have to acclimate them because they need to maintain a cellular osmotic balance with their environment, as in the microscopic cells have to adjust themselves other wise the shock will cause all the water from the cell to either 1. Leave and go to the saltier environment or 2. All the water from the surrounding environment will enter the cell because it is saltier then the environment, causing the cell to explode.
    These same processes take place in virtually every creature in our tank.
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    Just posing a question...

    And eject water is what I am trying to say. Have you ever seen one deflate?
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    yes all anenomes deflate occasionally. this is different than acclimating to different water salinity and conditions. if an anenome deflates and reinflates with the same water then nothing changes. taking an anenome from one tank to another is a whole different ballgame. your changing everything from lights to current to salinity to ph etc...

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