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    Hello fellow reefers.
    As I have asked many questions before, here Iam asking another question.
    setting a new tank here.
    would a small yellow tang be too much for a 33g tank.
    36 long.
    don't know how fast this guys grow.but I would love to have one in there for at least a little while, till he get big and is forced to be sold.
    any advice.?????

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    IMHO a 33G is on the small side, a yellow tang will grow to 6 - 8 " in an aquarium.

    They're voracous, they're messy, and they're territorial. Fortunately they're mostly herbavores. The less space they have the less happy they'll be & the less happy they're going to make the rest of the tank.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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